Snowy Wawne

28 February 2018:
Having a nice snowy stroll through Wawne, such a beautiful day 🙂


27 February 2018:
SNOW DAY!!!!! 😁 Sooo much fun! Started my day smashing a disk of ice with my head (One of those weird things I’ve always wanted to do - SOOO satisfying! 😁 hehe). We then went for an adventure over the Humber Bridge, before exploring the foreshore & park. I’ve sat in the snow, played with snowballs, & enjoyed watching some amazing clouds & beautiful weather! An unexpectedly perfect day shared with the best company 😄 xx

Conquered! Brimham Rocks

24 February 2018:
I conquered Brimham Rocks!!! Not just following the easy paths, but off-roading, working out a route, climbing hills, & navigating the rocks - almost reached the top too! It did get a little TOO uneven for my chair at the very top, so decided not to risk it any further, but sooo happy we managed to make it THIS far! To give an idea, the highest point is 300 metres (984.25 feet), and we reached approximately 278 metres (912.07 feet)!

• This is with a regular motorised wheelchair (not an all-terrain wheelchair), with A LOT of help from my amazing friend (thank you!! 😁).

• On a safety note, I’d never tell anyone not to try anything; however, I would advise that you only try something like this if you have lots of experience driving your wheelchair and are able to accurately judge its balance, centre-of-gravity, & general limits on uneven terrain. Even then, it’s best to take one or two friends who are able to assist - they should be strong, sure-footed, good listeners, & trustworthy. It’s likely that without help you could get stuck, slip, or tip-over; we’ve all done it at some point, it’s part of learning - just always have a plan, practice in safer locations first, & know your limits.

A Rock 'N' Roll Valentine's Day

14 February 2018:
Soooo not meaning to sound smug or anything, but this is how I spent my Valentine’s day… 😉 haha… Actually I do feel quite smug & I don’t even care; they’re such awesome guys, and their music NEVER disappoints… True showmen & total gents! 😉
…AND special thank you to Gemma & Paul for taking me; you’re both legends! 😁

• Featuring Bullets & Octane.

Conquered! Great Limber

09 February 2018:
Adventuring around Great Limber & other parts of Lincolnshire… Beautiful, and extremely muddy; got stuck a few times - loved it! 😉