Conquered! Body Painting

2 September 2018:
Conquered! My very first Body Painting session! 😅

I have never done anything publicly nude before, so was kinda nervous at this huge event. Artists Louise Briggs & Zoe Apollo, of the The Midlands Body Paint Project, did a truly amazing job, and all of the other models were very supportive too.

I must admit, after the paint was on, I didn’t feel naked at all; very surreal! Would I do it again? I think I would - it was very liberating! There is nothing else like it; I would recommend to anyone to try at least once. 😊
• See more photos on LippyArt’s Instagram!
• Kustom Kulture BlastOff.
• Thank you to photographers Stuart Richards & Garry Avenell for my amazing photo-shoot; plus Tina Smith, Louise Briggs, & Zoe Apollo of The Midlands Body Paint Project; and Lynda Johnson at Kustom Kulture BlastOff for making all of this possible! 😊💜