Conquered! Loch Lomond

06 December 2018:
Conquered! Loch Lomond, Scotland. Such a beautiful place! 
Special thank you to Trev for helping me navigate the rocks & gravelly beach; it was a great day! 🙂

Conquered! Body Painting

2 September 2018:
Conquered! My very first Body Painting session! 😅

I have never done anything publicly nude before, so was kinda nervous at this huge event. Artists Louise Briggs & Zoe Apollo, of the The Midlands Body Paint Project, did a truly amazing job, and all of the other models were very supportive too.

I must admit, after the paint was on, I didn’t feel naked at all; very surreal! Would I do it again? I think I would - it was very liberating! There is nothing else like it; I would recommend to anyone to try at least once. 😊
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• Kustom Kulture BlastOff.
• Thank you to photographers Stuart Richards & Garry Avenell for my amazing photo-shoot; plus Tina Smith, Louise Briggs, & Zoe Apollo of The Midlands Body Paint Project; and Lynda Johnson at Kustom Kulture BlastOff for making all of this possible! 😊💜

Conquered! Sitting On A Cliff

04 July 2018:
Conquered! Sitting on a cliff! 😁 
I’ve never physically sat at a cliff edge before, such a freeing experience. To top it off, we saw hundreds of seabirds with their young, AND wild seals!!! Such an awesome day! 😊💜 xx

Conquered! Swings

02 July 2018:
Conquered! Swings... It’s the little things! Grateful for having such amazing people in my life, forever enabling me & being my inspiration. 😊

Conquered! Suspension

23 June 2018:
Conquered! Human Suspension; awesome experience, definitely recommend trying it at least once! 😅 What an amazing day! 😊 x
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International Tattoo Convention (York).
• Very special thank you to Keith Hammonds (North Star Tattoo Studio), Joe Martin, Gemma-Louise Hamlet, Pam Green (ABH Tattooing), Rose Elizabeth (ABH Tattooing), Shaun Barton, Jasper Weeks (North Star Tattoo Studio), Steve Howlett, Rochelle Martinez (Divas Delight / Jeser1Tattoos), Paula Fenton, & anyone else who helped to make this happen and document it! You are all legends!

Conquered! Plumpton Rocks

26 May 2018:
Conquered! The beautiful woodlands of Plumpton Rocks. Very challenging & uneven terrain for the average motorised wheelchair, wouldn’t recommend going without a very strong & competent friend to help; beautiful place for those up for the challenge though! 😁 x
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Plumpton Rocks (Knaresborough).
• Special thank you to Joe, who willingly pushed, lifted, & dragged my wheelchair everywhere and anywhere. Also to Gem, who will drive me to literally anywhere I desire. I feel so grateful & humbled to be surrounded by such amazing & dedicated people.

Conquered! Creepy Crawlies

28 April & 10 May 2018:
Meeting various arachnids, insects, and gastropods, as well as conquering my arachnophobia at Bugtopia (Hornsea). We even had Grandma joining in too! 😊 x
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Bugtopia (Hornsea Freeport).

The Bird Whisperer

25 March 2018:
So I made a new friend in Cumbria! 😊
Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve.

An Accidental Adventure

10 March 2018:
We were adventuring around Leeds area & happened upon this beautiful place - Kirkstall Abbey! 🙂
Kirkstall Abbey is a Cistercian monastery, set in a picturesque public park on the north bank of the River Aire. It was founded c.1152, and was disestablished during the Dissolution of the Monasteries under Henry VIII. It was eventually acquired by Leeds Corporation as a gift from Colonel North, and became open to the public in the late 19th century. The ruins have been drawn and painted by artists J.M.W. Turner, Thomas Girtin and John Sell Cotman.

Conquered! Brimham Views

4 March 2018:
A perfect day at Brimham Rocks. My best friend climbed all of this whilst carrying me, just so I could experience the view… Don’t ever let anyone tell you something is impossible! 😉

The stunningly beautiful top-right-corner image is actually a digital painting, entitled “La Liberta” (Freedom), by MOEMARIO. The huge guardian birds were inspired by the glorious Red Kites we saw that day. If you look closely, you can see me sat on top of the rocks - that drop is not exaggerated, this is completely accurate!
• Special thank you to Joe, for willingly throwing me everywhere and anywhere… and to Gem, who drove us there, and spent most of her time wearing a camera, whilst holding her arms out, preparing herself to be a human-crashmat 😂 - now that’s dedication!
• Photography by MOEMARIO.

Conquered! Danes Dyke

3 & 4 March 2018:
Conquering the beautiful Danes Dyke! After spending the morning of the 3rd at the epic clifftops by Sewerby Hall, our adventures took us to the stunning Danes Dyke, where we saw Roe Deer and Barn Owl, among other wildlife; absolutely gorgeous! 💜 We enjoyed it so much that we decided to return the day after, to explore the rest of it. The wheelchair definitely reached its limits this weekend - do not underestimate those hills! At one point my power just outright said *NOPE!* and cut-out; luckily I had Joe with me, & he’s freakishly strong, so gave me a push back up the hill! (which, believe me, is no easy feat when your wheelchair weighs 17.5 stone empty, let alone with an added human in it, aka. me! 😅 hehe)

Snowy Wawne

28 February 2018:
Having a nice snowy stroll through Wawne, such a beautiful day 🙂


27 February 2018:
SNOW DAY!!!!! 😁 Sooo much fun! Started my day smashing a disk of ice with my head (One of those weird things I’ve always wanted to do - SOOO satisfying! 😁 hehe). We then went for an adventure over the Humber Bridge, before exploring the foreshore & park. I’ve sat in the snow, played with snowballs, & enjoyed watching some amazing clouds & beautiful weather! An unexpectedly perfect day shared with the best company 😄 xx

Conquered! Brimham Rocks

24 February 2018:
I conquered Brimham Rocks!!! Not just following the easy paths, but off-roading, working out a route, climbing hills, & navigating the rocks - almost reached the top too! It did get a little TOO uneven for my chair at the very top, so decided not to risk it any further, but sooo happy we managed to make it THIS far! To give an idea, the highest point is 300 metres (984.25 feet), and we reached approximately 278 metres (912.07 feet)!

• This is with a regular motorised wheelchair (not an all-terrain wheelchair), with A LOT of help from my amazing friend (thank you!! 😁).

• On a safety note, I’d never tell anyone not to try anything; however, I would advise that you only try something like this if you have lots of experience driving your wheelchair and are able to accurately judge its balance, centre-of-gravity, & general limits on uneven terrain. Even then, it’s best to take one or two friends who are able to assist - they should be strong, sure-footed, good listeners, & trustworthy. It’s likely that without help you could get stuck, slip, or tip-over; we’ve all done it at some point, it’s part of learning - just always have a plan, practice in safer locations first, & know your limits.

A Rock 'N' Roll Valentine's Day

14 February 2018:
Soooo not meaning to sound smug or anything, but this is how I spent my Valentine’s day… 😉 haha… Actually I do feel quite smug & I don’t even care; they’re such awesome guys, and their music NEVER disappoints… True showmen & total gents! 😉
…AND special thank you to Gemma & Paul for taking me; you’re both legends! 😁

• Featuring Bullets & Octane.

Conquered! Great Limber

09 February 2018:
Adventuring around Great Limber & other parts of Lincolnshire… Beautiful, and extremely muddy; got stuck a few times - loved it! 😉 

Conquered! Ocean Swimming

24 January 2018:
Swimming in the ocean, in winter - Conquered!

This is just something I’ve always wanted to do. 😁 Feeling so grateful to have such amazing people in my life. When you surround yourself with good friends, nothing can stop you… Literally… Had such an awesome time! 🙂 x
Special thank you to The Foreshore Office in Bridlington (South) - despite thinking we’re insane, they’ve been a great help & always supportive! Couldn’t have done this without their amazing beach wheelchairs.

DISCLAIMER: Swimming in cold water can be risky; this took a lot of planning, research, & preparation. Please do not try this on a whim. If you’re going to do anything like this, do it right. 😉