Conquered! Meeting Big Cats

9 November 2019: 
Conquered! Meeting big cats. I would like to say a huge thank you to all staff (especially keeper Hannah) at The Big Cat Sanctuary, and Anthony (The Sumatra Camera Trap Project) for the most amazing adventure in Kent with the big cats, and allowing me to take a peek behind the scenes! 😊 

This is a photo of me with Imara, the white lioness, and her pride in the indoor section of their enclosure. It was raining outside, which is why there’s a cover on my camera. 

I have never been this close to a lion - or any other big cat - prior to this! When we entered, she got up & walked straight up to where I was sitting... She was absolutely fascinated by my wheels & kept following them! It was an experience I will cherish and never forget. 😊 

**Also pictured: Sumatran Tiger and Snow Leopards.