Conquered! Danes Dyke

3 & 4 March 2018:
Conquering the beautiful Danes Dyke! After spending the morning of the 3rd at the epic clifftops by Sewerby Hall, our adventures took us to the stunning Danes Dyke, where we saw Roe Deer and Barn Owl, among other wildlife; absolutely gorgeous! 💜 We enjoyed it so much that we decided to return the day after, to explore the rest of it. The wheelchair definitely reached its limits this weekend - do not underestimate those hills! At one point my power just outright said *NOPE!* and cut-out; luckily I had Joe with me, & he’s freakishly strong, so gave me a push back up the hill! (which, believe me, is no easy feat when your wheelchair weighs 17.5 stone empty, let alone with an added human in it, aka. me! 😅 hehe)