Conquered! Brimham Views

4 March 2018:
A perfect day at Brimham Rocks. My best friend climbed all of this whilst carrying me, just so I could experience the view… Don’t ever let anyone tell you something is impossible! 😉

The stunningly beautiful top-right-corner image is actually a digital painting, entitled “La Liberta” (Freedom), by MOEMARIO. The huge guardian birds were inspired by the glorious Red Kites we saw that day. If you look closely, you can see me sat on top of the rocks - that drop is not exaggerated, this is completely accurate!
• Special thank you to Joe, for willingly throwing me everywhere and anywhere… and to Gem, who drove us there, and spent most of her time wearing a camera, whilst holding her arms out, preparing herself to be a human-crashmat 😂 - now that’s dedication!
• Photography by MOEMARIO.